Porto Cristo, Mallorca

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in Mallorca

Its name dates back to the Catalan conquest of the island in the year 1260, with its meaning Port of Christ. Legend tells that one morning a boat drifting away which contained a crucifix was found on the beach. The villagers saw it as a sign and named the village Porto Cristo. Porto Cristo is also the only village in Mallorca that witnessed Spanish civil war battle when it was recaptured by republican troops in 1936. Today, Porto Cristo still has the charm of its traditional origins, with a charming seafront promenade.

Beach and Seafront promenade

The promenade has a cosmopolitan way of being. We recommend you to
walk along the stretch and discover its beautiful landscape that surrounds it
and discover the beach, which is sheltered by a rocky wall and transparent
and calm waters, an ideal combination for a dip in the sea.

Your best vacations in Porto Cristo

Restaurants y Bars

This small fishing village has an excellent selection of restaurants with nice
atmospheres and offers a varied Mediterranean menu.

Coves blanques

One of the places of interest is a set of caves at the end of the beach at sea level. These caves were the first to be lived in the whole of this small island
in 1877. Also known as the cave of «Patro Pelat»; named after the family that
 first lived there.

Paseo de la sirena

It is a must see space due to its privileged location in front of Porto Cristo beach. Its name is due to a beautiful sculpture that was demolished after the
civil war. In 1988, in commemoration of the century of the founding of the
island, the siren was installed, created by the sculptor Pere Pujol.
On Sundays the Local market uses the space, where you can shop here for
local products.

Torre del Serral dels Falcons

It is a defence and surveillance tower located on Joan Servera Camps Avenue.
The visit is completely free.

Iglesia Virgen del Carmen

This sacred space was built in several stages, from 1890 and inaugurated in
1949. This basilica located in Plaza del Carmen has a single nave, protected by
two side chapels, which demonstrate the asymmetry of the construction. The
day of veneration of the Virgen del Carmen is the 16th of July, which originates from a great popular celebration.

Drach Caves

Located on the east coast of Mallorca, more specifically in the town of Porto Cristo, these stunning caves are undoubtedly one of the island’s top tourist attractions, extending for almost 1,200 metres in lengthand reaching a maximum depth of 25 metres below ground level. The caves conceal a large underground lake, Lake Martel, regarded as one of the biggest underground lakes in the world.

Hams Caves

Located a half way between Manacor – Porto Cristo, on the 11 km. These
caves were discovered by Pedro Caldentey and are a great tourist attraction
for its formations and its great underground lake.

Boat trips

You can rent a boat and get to know the nearest virgin beaches. There is also the possibility of a group excursion which runs along the most popular beaches.

Diving & Ka-yak

Its natural caves in this area make it very popular for these activities.


The nearest club is 12 km away, there are others a few distance away.